An enigma game from the ground to the ceiling

May's unexpected situation
Publié le 18/06/2016

An unexpected robbery

The May’s unexpected is happening in the French Robbery mission. Last daily session, the bank is being robbed and Max is finally safe. Everything went pretty well. Then comes the moment when The Game closes its doors and the Game masters are cleaning the rooms. But, within the French Robbery mission, one key is missing. It’s not unusual and the entire team is helping to look for it. Impossible to find the missing key after several minutes of deep search. After calling back the last team of gangsters (they’re professionals after all) they’re assuring us they don’t have it.

The enigma's solution

Finally, tired and helpless, one the game masters stretched out on the ground to think over. And the miracle happens: laying on the floor, the game master saw THE missing key, nicely stacked in the ceiling.
The explanation is simple: the last gangster team had a lot of troubles opening one lock and when they finally did it, they were so happy that they tossed everything they had in their hands, this key included!
Now we know how some keys can be stack in ceilings and we think of creating hiding places there…