Escape Game France : 360° immersion

The team of Escape Game France blog came and challenge themselves on our French Robbery escape room. Discover their gangsters experience, an incomparable experience.

The French Robbery for Escape Game France

Kenny Le Bagousse, Escape Game France blog creator, is listing the different escape game and also reviewing them in Paris, the country and also abroad.
This week, all members of the blog team dressed up as gangsters’ gentlemen to try Max, the famous Parisian raider.

An intense and successful mission

It took 58 minutes and 40 seconds to Kenny and his team to rob The Game Banking Group and escape before the police arrival! The timing was tight enhanced by a dense and full of adrenaline enigma!

“A 360° immersion, it’s like in real life and there’s no timeout!”

We wanted to thank the team of Escape Game France blog for this beautiful French Robbery mission so close to the real organised crime (thanks to you, Max is free for several months!) and also to this great piece of article!

Following the last announcement from the government, we must close until the 1st of December.