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Never cast a clout till May is out. For us, at The Game Escape If You Can, we like to launch new missions. Listening only to our motivation (and some loyal players’ supplications), we opened our new mission:The Métro.


You already know it, our undergrounds are hiding treasures and surprises. We never realized it before but we discovered just under our feet a direct access to the tube station Cardinal Lemoine. The team already imagined enjoying the access to sneak (and without any transportation ticket) in the metro corridors. Unfortunately, something disastrous is happening in this metro. An equipment failure just happened and the subway train is broke in the middle of the rails and we risk a collision. The travelers’ lives are in danger and we need an expert team to fix this catastrophic situation.

Be prepare : stress, hurry and adrenaline are waiting for you.

6 months of construction work : a beautiful metro train.

If you’re following us on social medias, you must know that this new escape room is in a real subway train. And before it became ours in The Game adventure, this has been used for the Parisian transportation for more than 40 years on line 12.

You can imagine it was impossible to get the subway train through the main door. To bring it to us, we needed to work for 6 months. We dissembled it step by step from the RATP premises to ours (and it’s a lot), then numbered every piece to finally build it again in The Game undergrounds. After one semester of screws, welding and other constructions, the metro opens its doors once again… It’s not only for our sceneries but it’s a real and genuine subway train you’ll be using for your mission. And if you think you already knew everything about it, think again. Finally, it’s not as familiar as you thought it was…

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We’re waiting for you to defy the Metro mission. After the end of spring, it will be doubled (2 rooms available) so you can compete separated in 2 teams in the same time! Finally, it will be useful to recommend you something absolutely essential before the mission: “Mind the gap between the train and the platform”.