Mission tests !

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The game: embodiment after several months of constructions works

After a long time working, we are now trying our 3 missions: The French Robbery, The Kidnapping and the Catacombs. Indeed, before we open to the public the big and beautiful entrance door of The Game Escape If You Can, it was necessary for us to be sure of every mission’s story, their consistency and realism in 60 minutes.

To do so, we called Escape Game fans who discovered The Game. They robbed a bank, investigated in 1950s and adventure themselves within the Catacombs and they gave everything during one hour to succeed! Thanks to them, we collected testimonies and precious advices to get better and improve our games for future players.

Game masters: a job very different from the other

These “tests” had been the occasion to get to know the new profession of being a game master. These persons are absolutely essential for the mission because they are following them during the entire mission thanks to cameras and micros to help them if they need to through clues (if they feel they have to of course).

But let’s be clear: the game master is not here to give solutions but only to subtly guide the players in the right direction. The final objective is to have fun from the beginning to the end of the mission!

Missions had been tested, adjusted, improved… And they gave some troubles and also successes from teams to teams. They are finally ready to welcome you and we cannot wait for you to come!
The Game opening is imminent!