New mission: the casino heist

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New mission: the casino heist

Here we are. A special moment some of you were waiting for a long time now: the great opening of our 6e escape room: the Casino Heist. Max, famous Parisian gangster and well-known for his French Robbery needs your help one more time. This time, he needs you to rob a Casino!
In a cozy atmosphere with poker tables, slot machines and so on, this robbery is much different from The Game Banking Group one. Robberies follow each other but they’re not alike at all. This time, we need you to become a secret agent. As an infiltrator, you will need to foil the security system and also numerous sophisticated gadgets.

The french robbery second part?

Do not get us wrong. Even if you meet again some of the French Robbery characters, the Casino Heist is not stating Max’s following adventures neither the prequel. You don’t need to rob the bank before the Casino and the other way around either. Both histories are different and they simply are part of Max’s life. Come and (re)discover the greatest Parisian gangster life and feel the thrill of being afraid of the police when robbing the highly secured The Game Royal Casino.

Let's competition begins

In addition of letting you rob another environment, The Game is adding another cherry on the cake. By the end of Spring, the escape room will double. As the Metro and The French Robbery, you can create 2 teams of 5 and come and compete with each other. But, a small innovation will not allow you to do exactly the same thing. Indeed, thanks to this competition mode, both teams will fight for the same scenario but only one of them will be the winner! Let’s take on the challenge with your friends, family or colleagues. Which team will win? Bets are open.
Having the competition mode or not, we are waiting for you to come and dare to rob The Game Royal Casino. Let’s go, no more bets!