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It was dear to our hearts to thank publicly everyone who helped us in any way in the works or in this great adventure :
- Our parents, Odile, Michel, Brigitte and Rémy who didn't count the hours spent to help us
- Alexis GUE, our advisor in every domain, if someone is "The Game", it's him !
- Virginie LEGER for the last minute trip and her help in designing the logo. If you're looking for someone to thank, thank her!
- Maxime, Marie, Salma, Olive for Sundays spent painting, nights spents debriefing and numerous pieces of advice
- Nos voisins, pour avoir supporté les travaux et les horaires à rallonge
- Vincent and Nils for the beautiful pictures taken from the rooms !
- Everyone who came give a hand either for a few hours or a few days: Evi, Hervé, Morgane, Etienne, Anna and Gérard, Jérémy, Arthur, Cédric (...)