The Game : almost 1 year and already 20,000 players

Déjà 20000 joueurs
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The Game – Escape If You Can comes from the story of 2 freshly graduated friends, Maxime Biewers and Maxime David. After their first long term contract job signature, they decided to “chuck” everything (just like in movies) to become entrepreneurs. But it makes perfectly sense when you know that “entrepreneurship” worth 14 points to the Scrabble game against 7 for “permanent” job.
Objective: create a live escape game – a game-scale evasion, in Paris.
Determined and stubborn, both Maxime love to handle everything themselves. They then started to look for a place to settle, financial partners and they made themselves the enigmas of their Escape rooms. They particularly wanted the missions to be immersive, coherent and very Frenchie. They even improvised themselves head of building construction in the beautiful Art Deco’s building they found. And then, time flies: first booking, first costumers…
Today, almost 1 years after the great opening, The Game welcomed more than 20,000 players who had been locked (and then freed) by a team of 13 passionate.

To the question, “how do you feel about welcoming 20,000 customers in almost a year”, the founders answered: “we were far to imagine that in less than a year, 20,000 persons will come to play and challenge themselves in our rooms! We are simply happy to see the customers having fun during an hour and then, live with a smile on their face. The entire team is taking a lot of pleasure welcoming and getting the teams in the heart of the different missions. We only have one thing to say: THANK YOU EVERYONE!



Native from Japan and inspired from the famous video games “point & click”, the Live Escape Game concept arrived in Europe via Budapest in 2011. As the concept’s European cradle, the town counts more than 40 escape game now. Everything is linked: it is after a trip to Budapest that the Maxime(s) decided to launch the concept in Paris. In 2012, the concept is exported from Budapest to London and finally, the 1st Parisian escape game opened in December 2013. Today, there are about 67 different Escape Game in France with 20 in Paris only! The diversity of structures is pleasing the players who became addicted!

What is the game’s purpose then?

Locked up in a room in teams of 3 to 5 persons (each room has its own scenario), the players have only 60 minutes to try to escape! To do so, they need to look for clues everywhere in the room, get to know their surroundings to solve many enigmas, find secret paths and challenge themselves with brain teasers.

Get away of the room and of the day to day …

The Escape Game is an entertaining concept, unusual and original. The main goal is to “escape” (in every sense of the word) also forgetting the day to day routine. Therefore, the Game founders decided to create a special and unique 100% theatrical and personalized welcoming for the customers. The breath-taking sceneries are also entirely designed to warrantee a great TOTAL immersive experience.

For example, you can book the French Robbery mission and it will be Max himself, famous Parisian outlaw who is welcoming you! Everything is settled for the player to get into an outlaw’s skin, a 1959’s investigator or an adventurer even before they arrive at The Game. The master game is following the players during 60 minutes carefully to help through the micros and cameras. You want a captivating and entertaining experience with your family or your friends? An experience that links reflection, cooperation and adrenaline in the same time? Try the live Escape Game!

And, between us, who did not dream to rob a bank?