The Game : arrival in the premises

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Create an escape game or how to be familiar with DIY

BA13, RJ45 network, ERP5… These particular words (strangely so familiar with secret codes right?) were so not friendly to us a couple of months ago. However, we had to tame them fast because of the construction works… In this art deco empty building, we are processing step by step: plumbing, partitions, electricity, air conditioning, painting, floors… We’re not alone all the time (let’s thank all of our friends and families), and we learn, we move forward, we retreat sometimes as well because of some foolishness. In the end, we realized we never been so close to open our escape game! Note: now I think of it, I need to check if in ERP5 I can put an RJ45 network through the BA13 walls?!?

The 3 The Game missions are taking shape

Beyond the welcoming places and bars (yes we plan to offer some drinks to our adventurers) and even the sanitarians, this step shapes our 3 future playing themes. The partitions are settled and we can now see how the 3 future missions look like: The French Robbery, The Kidnapping and the Catacombs. By the way, this last mission was so obvious to us: a couple of days ago when we broke a wall in 2 parts, we discovered a secret and hidden access to the Parisian Catacombs. You can image how surprised we were! The discovery is the perfect reflection of the constraints we had on the construction site. Some things we thought would be easy to do were not that accessible in the end and took us so much more time we thought it would… But it’s making the charm of this project! Fortunately, we had so much beautiful surprises such as the Catacombs discovery! Would you want to visit them?