The Game : One of the entrepreunarial trophy laureates


Live again the Entrepreneurial Trophy Awards night!

This year, The Game participated to the 3rd edition of the Entrepreneurial trophy. The Entrepreneurial Club of the ESC Rennes alumni organized the night, which aims to financially support the entrepreneurial projects.

Opened to all, this year the challenge counted 63 application files from which only 3 were selected by a professional jury.

The 25th of June, the results were revealed. This night, The Game founders Maxime Biewers and Maxime David received the Silver Trophy, the 2nd position on the podium.

This night was the occasion for the team to celebrate this victory but also to thank the 10,000 players who came to challenge themselves over the 3 escape rooms available at The Game (opened since December 2014).

The Entrepreneurial trophy laureates 2015 are: Main Lib’ (Golden Trophy) – The Game (Silver Trophy) – Equal for all (Bronze Trophy) – Akhal (Heart Favorite Trophy)

Following the last announcement from the government, we must close until the 1st of December.