The Game : our first day !

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The key of our Escape Game in the heart of Paris

There are dates we write in the calendar to be sure we’ll remember them and other dater we’ll automatically remember because they mean so much. For our concern, we’re far to forget the 1st of September 2014: the exact date we got our own premises’ key. After several visits of many places before, we finally decided we’ll settled in the 170m2 in the heart of the Latin neighborhood within the historical former OPAC (Public office). Now we’re in and we’re not searching to escape!

Before robbing a bank, constructions works are on!

The advantage of obtaining a “plain concrete” place is the free planning we get to do. The disadvantage is obviously the important development work ahead. But we were particularly impatient to get into the heart of the subject. Then, now we have the precious key to The Game we are refining the plans, we’re rolling up our sleeves and call the buddies: construction work can begin!
We’re telling you more about it very soon, stay updated!