Your February’s performance at The Game Escape Game Paris

Record february 2016
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Ah! Spring! The beautiful season of flowers, rabbits, happiness, renewal… Spring is awesome, we have to say. But spring also means downpours and unexpected surprises… Spring is sometimes not that awesome, we have to say. March is the beginning of spring, the beginning of that seasonal ambiguity month. But, at The Game Escape If You Can, there’s no place for ambiguity, everything keeps moving! Keys open padlocks, enigmas have solutions, doors are opened and closed, everything is at the right place, or almost…

The monthly unexpected

In February, ambiguity came before spring. A young woman came to our door and, as usual, one of our Master Game came to welcome her and one of the strangest conversation happened:
The young woman said: “Good morning, I am looking for Lise.”
The master game answered: “Oh my god, you did not heard the news? She has been kidnapped this morning!”
And she said, quite chocked: “I am sorry, what did you say?”
Him: “Yes, she has been kidnapped and the kidnappers just asked for a strange ransom…”
Her: “But, why her family did not say anything to me?”
And then, the master game realized something was wrong. Here is what really happened: this young woman just wanted to visit a friend living in the same building as our escape room. It just happened that her friend was named Lise, the exact same name as one of our mission’s main character: The Kidnapping of the Parisian Dancer! It was quite an original and unexpected way to end winter season…

The monthly time records

Just like every month, The Game organized the famous “time record contest” to reward the best times our teams did for each of our room! To have your team’s name written on the rewarding blackboard, it’s easy! Indeed, you just have to finish a mission in a time record and stay unbeaten until the month very last second of the very last hour of the very last day! In February, you could have done this between the French Robbery and The Kidnapping of the Parisian Dancer missions. Today, we congratulate, the “5 Baker Street” team who rescued Lise, the young Parisian Dancer in 43 minutes and 30 seconds. And we do not forget the “Brown Bwaqueurs” team who robbed the bank in 44 minutes and 30 seconds!

The February success rate?

The February teams found the right keys, codes and answers of our missions! Unfortunately, not everyone wins: 60% of the French Robbery teams succeeded robbing the famous The Game Banking Group and 58% of the 1950s investigators rescued the young Lise. Congrats!