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Escape Room - Le trésor des Templiers | Assassin's Creed

 The treasure of templars
Assassin's Creed ®

Centuries ago, the Templars’ Order acquired a legendary and priceless treasure. Different rumors whisper that the Cardinal Lemoine was last seen with the famous treasure before it was forgotten.

The Assassin’s brotherhood wishes to obtain this treasure now and your mission will be to locate it. Your search will start at one of the Cardinal Lemoine’s descendant’s and no one knows where it’ll lead you...

Everything is allowed for you Assassin’s team… Even travelling back in the past!


Enter the heart of Assassin’s Creed® universe, 1st license from the famous video games editor UBISOFT! The mission “The Treasure of the Templars | Assassin’s Creed® ” was carried out in collaboration with the video game teams, following the video game’s codes to offer a consistent and original experience. Discover an authentic adventure, full of surprise!

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Assassin's Creed
Assassin croix des templiers
Équipe d'Assassins
Assassin de profil

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 They like  The treasure of templars
Assassin's Creed ®

"A great escape game"

The Metro is the 3rd Escape Game we were testing and we are not disappointed! Very good welcoming, interesting scenario and a cleaver staging…

Notice published  on TripAdvisor in november 2016
"The Game: fun, enigmas [...] A must do"

Our game master set the atmosphere of the Templars' Treasure mission even before we got in. The setting is perfect and looks real: breathtaking !

Notice published  on TripAdvisor in november 2016

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