20 escape rooms in the heart of Paris, all available in English!


Reservations are done exclusively online, to 3 months in advance.

To book one or several rooms, you need to select the one or multiple desired slots, then click on “Book”. To unselect a slot, click on it one more time.

 Availabilities are real-time updated

The Game Live Escape Game welcomes you in central Paris, every day from 10am to midnight, 7/7 in striking movie sets.

Located in Paris in our premises of Cardinal Lemoine and Saint Michel, our missions are played out in teams. The different experiences and adventures you are about to live take place in 60 minutes. You need to count around 1:30 hour on site with a reception and debriefing time at the end. The schedule above allows you to select one or multiple themes of your choice, in rooms adapted to families and friends, but also to companies to live an Escape Game in Team Building. To book online, you can make a payment with a credit or debit card.

How many persons can play an escape game?

The 12 missions The Game offers are best designed for team from 3 to 5 persons. Our Escape Game in the heart of Paris was built by a team of passionate professionals who care to optimise the rooms and mission for these numbers of players. By booking several rooms, we can welcome groups up to 120 players. Whatever you choose: coming with friends, booking 2 teams of 3 players, being with your family with 10 persons over 2 rooms, with 50 persons for a team building; all patterns are possible.

3 pers.
38€ / p
3 persons
38€ / person
114€ / room
4 pers.
33€ / p
4 persons
33€ / person
132€ / room
5 pers.
30€ / p
5 persons
30€ / person
150€ / room
To have the best experience possible, we recommend forming teams of 3 to 5 players.
For 2 the challenge will be tougher!
48€ / p
For 2 the challenge will be tougher!
48€ / person
96€ / room
For 6 the mission will be less intense.
28€ / p
For 6 the mission will be less intense.
28€ / person
168€ / room


The principle of an Escape Game is simple: you are dived into a story in a movie set-like, and you only have 60 minutes to achieve the mission! Therefore, you need to cooperate, use logic and your sense of observation as well as your deductive spirit. You are not only facing puzzles but a real adventure in full immersion. It will be thanks to a true teamwork that you will be able to escape quickly from the room you chose. In France, immersive experiences began in 2014. 


You have the choice of many topics: the goal is to fully dive into the chosen adventure. If you wish to know more, do not hesitate to visit our section on the concept and definition of an Escape Game.


While you are locked in with your team, a Game Master will accompany you, like a guardian angel as soon as you arrive and throughout the mission. The Game Master will immerse you into the adventure and will give you the necessary information. It is a true human interaction allowing you to move forward if needed, therefore, trust your Game Master: escape rooms are not a mystery for him anymore!  

offrir-un-escape-game-en carte-cadeau

You wish to offer an Escape Game as a gift?

To please your loved ones, what a better choice to share a moment with them by offering an Escape Game. It is the ideal gift in any circumstances. For a birthday, Christmas, Mothers’, or Fathers’ Day, for your company representative committee... or just because you love to give, it is the best of occasion! 

Discover the escape rooms gift cards or cubes from The Game.

A moment to celebrate with friends or family?

A birthday, a bachelor or bachelorette party or another special occasion… in summer or winter, between friends or with family, with girlfriends, colleagues, or tourists: The Game missions will dive you into a scenario you are the hero of to live the best of the Escape Game.

You will have one hour to solve puzzles, discover secret passages, and achieve your mission. It is the ideal real-size game to spend a great moment in central Paris. Do not hesitate to contact us if you wish to know more on the organization of an Escape Game for a birthday.

A team building for your company?

An Escape Game for a Team Building feels like a good idea? Indeed: we welcome you for any type of event from a simple team building with co-workers, a fun break in a seminar day, a casual evening… From 2 to 120 persons simultaneously. You also can privatise our premises to organise a breakfast before the missions, a cocktail reception, the launch of a product, workshops, or an integration evening. The key word will be teamwork for you team building and you will spend a playful time with your colleagues. Our team is dedicated to help and accompany you and for any information to organise your Team Building in an Escape Game.


The Game, it is 12 different themes over 20 rooms in true striking movie sets allowing you to live unique experiences. The level of difficulty is adapted to all players and all our Game Masters are here to help and guide you to ensure a full and total immersion. Every team is supported by a devoted Game Master throughout the missions. Those were created to balance the level digging, manipulations, and strategic thinking. The Game represents today a team of 85 passionate welcoming you from Monday to Sunday from 10am to midnight all year long.



The history of The Game begins in 2014 with the creation of our first settings:


The French Robbery (with a vault’s door worthy of the greatest movie), The Kidnapping (and its real-size Cluedo game), and The Catacombs (allowing you to live one of the most immersive adventure undergrounds).


In 2016, The Game expands and launches 3 new missions: The Metro (with real RATP trains), The Casino Heist (in a muffled atmosphere and James Bond gadgets), and Assassin’s Creed – The Templars’ Treasure (collaborative working with Ubisoft).

The Game takes off in 2017 with its new mission: The Plane (in a real A320 Airbus). In 2019, a Space Mission (in futuristic settings) increase the number of missions to 8. The same year, it is in a new place that we launched The Earthquake (a true replica of a street of Paris from the Quartier Latin).

In 2021, appeared The Haunted Cinema (built on the ruins of an ancient movie theatre) and The Far West (with its village, saloon, stagecoach, sheriff etc.).



In 2023, it's the Secret Mission that's just around the corner... To find out more, you'll have to come and play it!




To ensure a full original experience, The Game combines theatrical performance and immersion every day to dive you into the different missions at 100%. The Game offers missions focused on storytelling, fun, puzzles, and innovative mechanisms, in a friendly environment.

The Game was selected as the Best Escape Game in 2023 (as well as in 2015,2016 and 2022) and if you wish to know more about our back stages, discover how our Escape Game was built


Find our escape game in paris

Our missions are divided over 2 locations in Paris: 51 rue du Cardinal Lemoine and 6 rue de la Harpe.