Celebrating your birthday in an Escape game: an unforgettable moment


You wish to live an adventure for your birthday? Ready to discover an immersive activity? The Game welcomes you and offers to celebrate the big day like no other. Thanks to these various topics experience, come and celebrate this new candle becoming a gangster or an amazing fifties detective. Our teams will help you prepare and organise the event. 

And why not startle one of your loved one planning a surprise escape game? You can double the surprise effect, as the cherry on the cake, you have the possibility to hide a small gift in one of our rooms. The recipe for a successful birthday and a unique event: becoming the hero of the day! 



The escape game principle?

An activity opened to all

Between friends or family, come and feel the shiver of adventure, trigger your mind, and discover our missions’ many mysteries. Our escape game is opened to all. No physical condition is required to come and achieve our escape rooms. It is a teamwork where each member will contribute, where the cooperation and mutual assistance will lead you to victory. 

It is a playful activity everyone likes, the youngest will appreciate becoming heroes for one day and the eldest will enjoy using their sense of logic to thwart the most convoluted situations… in less than 60 minutes. 

How do we play?

Spread your group in teams of 2 to 6 persons and face the twists we cooked for you. All missions have the same level of difficulty, only enigmas and atmospheres change. You can then select the immersive universe you like the most: rob a bank or a casino, investigate in the fifties, explore the Catacombs of Paris, fix a subway train, or take a plane… But do not forget that communication and team spirit are your best allies. 

Do not wait any longer and come to live an unforgettable moment. 

An escape game for kids’ birthdays: from what age can kids participate?

How does the day go?

You are celebrating your kid’s birthday in our escape game and wish to extend the even a little more? You are between 5 and 10 persons and desire to add more magic to the day? Before or after your game session, you can stay with us to celebrate the party! You can book a dedicated place (additional cost) and bring candies, cakes and enjoy it as if you are home. We provide the soft drinks for all. 

From what age can kids participate?

If you are a 10-year-old fearless adventurer, an adult is mandatory to be there and play the game session with the rest of the group. From 16 years old, an adult is not mandatory any more during the session. 

Cherry on the cake, you can also bring and hide a small gift in one of our rooms to create a unique moment! Do not hesitate to contact us to plan a birthday in our escape game and book the dedicated place for the after party. 

An escape game for grow ups birthday: how to choose your team and mission?

A glass of champagne in a dedicated place

For the eldest of you, The Game offers a private place to get ready or to debrief your robbery or your last movie session, with a glass of champagne! We can also recommend a specific offer with petits-fours. Our team is here to help from A to Z. 

How to allocate the teams?

You are 5 and more? You can book several rooms at the same time. To choose the teams distribution, we can organise a random draw. Our escape game has doubled missions such as The Metro, The French Robbery, The Casino Heist, The Plane and The Earthquake. Which of the two teams will be the most fearsome? 


Your Escape Game welcomes you in central Paris every day from 10am to midnight, 7/7 in amazing movie settings, for an exceptional birthday. Come and live an immersive experience becoming a gangster facing the biggest safe’s door or live a real-size investigation. You can also explore the Catacombs for an immersive underground adventure, discover our Metro with real RATP trains or opt for a Secret Mission that you won't know about until you come to play… The Game represents 12 missions with topics and scenarios adapted to every group according to your preferences. 

You have another event idea? Family gathering? Competition amongst friends? Play multiple missions the same day? The Game is listening! Do not hesitate to contact us if you have an idea in mind and we will see together how to make it real!


The price varies according to the players’ number. The more you are, the minimum the price gets per person: 

Team of 3 persons – 38€ per person and 114€ in total for the game
Team of 4 persons – 33€ per person and 132€ in total for the game
Team of 3 persons – 30€ per person and 150€ in total for the game

For greater immersion, we do not recommend playing with 2 or 6 players. However, if it ts really important yo tou, here are the prices for 2 and 6 players :

Team of 2 persons – 28€ per person and 96€ in total for the game
Team of 6 persons – 38€ per person and 168€ in total for the game

If you want to know more about the privatization of the dedicated place, you can contact our team and we will come back to you as fast as possible.