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The Kidnapping

A kidnapping just occurred, and the strangest ransom is demanded. According to the victim's relatives, she remains unfound. Distressed, they need the best detectives...

You have one hour to look for information in the victim's apartment and solve this mystery.

Be careful, time is running out.


In the most immersive environment, you are traveling back in the Paris of the 1950s.

Designed with magicians help, this fascinating mission is the perfect combination of search, observation, and cooperation. It will delight the beginners as well as the most escape rooms’ insiders.


THEY LIKE The Kidnapping

Great escape game!

It's my favorite. The staff are always very friendly and love what they do, and the rooms are superbly designed and well thought out. I'll be back for sure!

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Another great experience at The Game

The Game Master does an excellent job of getting us into the mood, and we discover a lovely Parisian apartment from the mid-20th century. Everything flows very smoothly, and we move forward without hesitation.

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Excellent immersion!

It's an interesting room with riddles that appeal to all senses!

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Great experience!

The Game has been so successful that the rooms are often booked - and deservedly so!

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Very nice experience!

The scenery is magnificent, and the puzzles more than enjoyable in terms of digging and thinking. We've already booked the next one...

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