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Escape Room - The kidnapping

 The kidnapping 

Paris, 1959. Lise, a young charming dancer and iconic idol of the French capital’s cabarets has been kidnapped. The criminals are asking for a very peculiar ransom…
According to the dancer’s family, it remains nowhere to be found, they’re looking for the best investigators to rescue Lise!

Time is running out, you’ll have only one hour to find the mysterious item and get Lise out of this faux-pas.

Would you be able to rescue Lise from her kidnapper’s hands?

In an immersive and charming atmosphere, you’ll be travelling in the past, visiting the Parisian 1950s. Created with professional’s magicians, this fascinating mission is offering you a well-dosed mix of search, observation and cooperation, accessible for beginners and Escape Games’ initiates as well.

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Tiler 60 minutes    Picto pregnant woman    Picto wheelchairs users    Picto hearing loss

 Your mission in images 

Escape Game mission enlèvement
Escape Game mission enlèvement
Escape Game mission enlèvement
Escape Game mission enlèvement

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 They like  The kidnapping 

"The Kidnapping, with my family"

Perfect welcoming + clear explanations and staging + much various enigmas. It was an excellent moment with my family: do not hesitate it's a must do to have fun !

Notice published  on TripAdvisor in november 2016
“The Kidnapping”

Amazing! The decoration is beautiful, the enigmas are subtle, we did not see the time running out! The adrenaline is at the maximum, it's almost too short ! :)
I'll be back for the other missions as soon as possible

Notice published  on TripAdvisor in november 2016

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