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The Earthquake

The entire city was shaken by an earthquake. The damages are located at its epicenter: right in the middle of Paris, in La Harpe street.

You must secure the perimeter as fast as possible because the worst is yet to come.


The Game is diving you into a Parisian Street and a… worrying atmosphere.

Dense and full of rhythm, this mission will fit for everyone.


THEY LIKE The Earthquake

Total immersion

Good team of staff. Great time spent with colleagues.

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Can't wait to try out the other rooms!

We tested the earthquake mission, the idea was super original and the riddles were of a good level! We had a good laugh too!

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Great art

High-quality, immersive settings, riddles that follow logically from one another. An atmosphere akin to The Game. I loved it and recommend it.

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A delight!

As the minutes go by, the excitement and pressure build, the riddles are cleverly created to fit in perfectly with the story, and above all, teamwork is emphasized.

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The reference for escape games!

It's the perfect way to test your limits, or simply to give yourself a scare!

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