The Earthquake

The city was startled by an earthquake. The damages are located in the heart of the Parisian capital, more specifically at La Harpe street.

You must secure the area quickly, the worst is yet to come. 

You will need a watertight motivation!

The Game immerses you into a parisian street in a disturbing atmosphere...

Dense and punctuated, this mission suits for everyone!

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THEY LIKE The Earthquake

"The last room The Game did and we loved it!"

Very immersive environment, everything is well thought and fits perfectly! We are used to The Game very good job. The game master is very friendly, again thank you! Do not hesitate to come to The Game!!

Notice published on TripAdvisor in August 2020

"Another well done escape room"

I am a true The Game fan and I decided to try this one after 4 already done there. The “puzzles” are interesting to find, with real mechanisms leading you step by step! I recommend!

Notice published on TripAdvisor in August 2020


The French Robbery

The biggest thief in town is putting together a top-notch team for an incoming robbery.
One hour to rob a bank and escape from it…

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The Casino Heist

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The Kidnapping

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The metro

A train just broke down at the metro station. Traffic is dense and we fear a crash any moment now!

Your team has to act quickly: restart the train as fast as possible to avoid danger!

The Catacombs

Since they were dug, the Paris catacombs have been fascinating numerous adventurers. But is it really wise to venture yourself in that kind of place?

One thing is certain though: you’ll have deadly fun.

The templars' treasure

Centuries ago, the Templars' Order was finally obtaining an extremely important and coveted treasure.
To find it, everything will be allowed for your Assassins’ team… And explore the past is a part of it !

The Plane

Fear not, plane is the safest mean for public transportation in the world…
Your plane is right on time, impending departure. Are you ready for boarding?

The Space Mission

An asteroid is about to hit the Earth! To avoid the worst, only one option remains: join one of The Game Airspace station and sacrifice it by throwing it on the asteroid trajectory.


Launching ready in 4, 3, 2, 1…

The Cinema

Your movie is featured at this old Parisian movie theater and the session is about to begin. By the way, do you like horror movies? 

The Far West

The Gold Rush lures the greatest adventurers! Your team travels to Molly Town, its saloon, cowboys and hostile environment!