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The Far West

In the middle of the desert, the Gold Rush attracts the greatest adventurers! In this hostile environment, everyone dreams about one thing: finding the mine which will make them rich!

Your team is leaving for Molly Town, its saloon, its cowboys and thieves!

Put your hats on, the stagecoach is about to leave!



With a strong narrative and impressive scenery, this escape room full of action will fit for everybody… meaning, for the bravest!


THEY LIKE The Far West

I can only recommend it!

An excellent escape game in every respect: immersion, setting and riddle mechanisms.

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Cool Wild West atmosphere

Total immersion! An original investigation with a wide variety of problems to solve, and no padlocks! Well done to The Game team, who have spoiled us yet again!

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Total immersion!

Reinforced by a highly polished soundtrack. The storyline is equally impressive, with its share of twists, interactions and choices.

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A room with a strong story, a stunning environment and plenty of action that should surprise many.

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A discovery for our family!

We were blown away by the scenery, the riddles and the general atmosphere. The team put us at ease right from the start, and we appreciated the debriefing time at the end of the mission. We'll be back with pleasure.

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