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Summer in Paris for the game !
It’s sunny, it’s warm, the quicksilver is rising, shorts and flip-flop are on: it’s summer time! Holidays are coming and so are the days offs. These are the specific occasion to come and try to take on our Escape Game challenge. Our advice: the Parisian Catacombs are undergrounds, in the dark so cool and wet. Come and refresh yourself with our skeletons: they will welcome you with their open humerus and una!
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An enigma game from the ground to the ceiling
As always, funny things happen at The Game. This month, an enigma drove us crazy (which is pretty annoying for an Escape Game activity)
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Escape Rooms and contest winners: may gazette!
“If last month is over, it means another month begins” (fictitious saying).
What a beautiful month, the 5tj of the year. Full of bank holidays and adventures: May. Many of you came and take on the challenge in our escape rooms. The first Casino robbers came to help Max in filing The Game Royal Casino Traps. At The Game Escape If You Can, we have no time to rest during these beautiful days: the big constructions works finally come to an end!
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New mission: the casino heist
New mission | The Casino Heist Thief one day, thief always!
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Escape Game | The Metro mission
New mission | The métro.
Ladies and gentleman, after an equipment failure, the entire line 10 is obstructed. An intervention team is on site. Thank you for understanding.
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Your February’s performance at The Game Escape Game Paris

 Monthly time records, unusual and freaky anecdotes, success rates… it’s all there!

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The Game : Team Building & Christmas Gift

Christmas’ magic was all around the time of one night! Everything was planned: gifts giving for everyone and team building with all members of The Game team to start 2016 (and end 2015)!

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How ended 2015 for The Game's Team ?
December is the month of joy, Christmas trees, Christmas gifts, garlands, and it is also The Game birthday’s month!
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The Game : almost 1 year and already 20,000 players

The Game will blow its 1st candle next December and celebrate today the 20,000 players welcomed so far. It is the perfect occasion to come back to the first fruits of this live escape game settled in the heart of the Latin neighborhood in Paris, created by the founders: Maxime Biewers and Maxime David. So, how does it feel to welcome more than 20,000 players?

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The Game : One of the entrepreunarial trophy laureates

Live again the Entrepreneurial Trophy Awards night!

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Escape Game France : 360° immersion
The team of Escape Game France blog came and challenge themselves on our French Robbery escape room. Discover their gangsters experience, an incomparable experience.
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An article by "C'est joli chez vous"

First ever article written about The Game !

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