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The templars' treasure
Assassin's Creed ®

Centuries ago, The Templars’ Order found a legendary and priceless treasure. Several sources claim that Cardinal Lemoine would have been the last one seen with the treasure, before it was forgotten…

The Assassins’ Brotherhood wishes to track this treasure back. Your quest starts with one of Cardinal Lemoine’s offspring, but no one knows where it will lead you.

 Everything will be allowed for your Assassins’ team to find it back… including exploring the past!


Official partnership with Ubisoft!

Immerse yourself in the heart of the Assassins’ Creed universe, first license of the video games editor: Ubisoft. The mission “The Templars’ Treasure” has been made jointly with the video game teams to offer a consistent, authentic, and eventful experience.


THEY LIKE The templars' treasure~Assassin's Creed ®

Great evening at the Templiers!

The atmosphere was great, and the staff very welcoming and encouraging. It was a great evening at the Templiers!

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The scenery is truly realistic, and immersion is total. The riddles are always consistent with the story. The game master was incredible.

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Back to the past!

The strength of this adventure lies in the meticulous attention paid to setting design: players are truly immersed in the past.

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I loved it!

The story, the staff and the sets are just great.

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A journey through time.

Very good work on the choice and use of music. All taken from the Assassin's Creed games, the different compositions fit in with the players' progression.

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