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The Casino Heist

The Casino is full, the vibe is good. Between the poker and craps players and the slot machines addicts, no one suspects a robbery is impending! And yet, an outstanding team is about to make history raiding The Game Royal Casino!

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Feeling competitive? With your friend, face each other in two rooms… Only one team can win!


THEY LIKE The Casino Heist

A wonderful time at The Game.

Funny, relevant and intoxicating, it enabled us to carry out the Casino Heist in competition mode with my friends. We'll be back for more. Thanks a lot!

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Go for it with your eyes closed!

This is my 4th Escape Game at The Game and I haven't found another place that offers rooms of such quality. Immersion is total and the special effects add an extra layer of immersion.

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Sometimes it feels like magic.

Roulette, poker tables, slot machines, and an impressive number of accessories to handle. It's all part of a well-paced, realistic adventure that doesn't forget to shake things up.

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Awaken the Arsène Lupin in all of us.

The room is totally immersive, with slot machines, roulette and craps table. In terms of puzzles and mechanisms, everything is well thought-out and faithful to the world of casinos and robberies._

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An incredible experience!

With two teams of 5 competing in identical rooms, the pressure is on, right to the end! A dedicated team with a real passion for what they do, giving their best for a total immersion. Many thanks to them!_

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