The Space mission

An asteroid is racing straight to Earth! To avoid the worst and facing this urgent situation, one option remains: to reach one of The Game Airspace space stations and make a sacrifice, moving it on the asteroid trajectory.

It is a major challenge; time is running out. The bravest and most self-controlled astronauts are needed.

Launching in 3, 2, 1…

You have a strong team and you are not afraid to go into space? This mission is for you!





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THEY LIKE The Space mission

"A must do"

We spent a good moment in the amazing and realistic sceneries. Chery on the cake: the kindness of our game master. It’s the 3rd escape room we did there and it’s always a pleasure. I recommend strongly!

Notice published  on TripAdvisor in August 2020

"Family moment"

Intense and realistic decors for everyone! The game master is very nice. I can’t wait to try a new mission.

Notice published  on TripAdvisor in August 2020


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Secret Mission

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