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The Space mission

An asteroid is racing straight to Earth! To avoid the worst and facing this urgent situation, one option remains: to reach one of The Game Airspace space stations and make a sacrifice, moving it on the asteroid trajectory.

It is a major challenge; time is running out. The bravest and most self-controlled astronauts are needed.

Launching in 3, 2, 1…


You have a strong team and you are not afraid to go into space? This mission is for you!


THEY LIKE The Space mission

Super experience in a stellar setting!

The Game is renowned for the quality of its rooms, and this one is no exception!

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They have managed to surprise us once again

We don't advise you to go, but we do oblige! Whether you're with friends or family, this room is clearly suitable for all types of audience!

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One of our best escapes!

A great welcome and a top-notch game master! An experience worth repeating. It's your turn to play!

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One of my favorites!

Varied mechanics, the stopwatch doesn't just tell you how much time you have left, but forces you to make quick choices. A great experience!

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A scenario worthy of Armageddon!

With biting humor and Oscar-worthy acting, our game master gave us our mission straight away: to reach a space station from The Game Airspace and sacrifice it by placing it in the asteroid's path.

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