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The Game Escape If You Can is one of the first live escape room of Paris. The definition and principle are simple: to escape from a place in which we are locked in, in less thank 60 minutes. As a team, the goal is to collaborate, use logic and your sense of observation as well as your deductive spirit to get out as fast as possible.

With The Game, the objective is to dive the players into the missions thanks to beautiful settings, made in collaboration with decorators, depicting truly immersive scenarios.

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Where are the Escape Games coming from? To track the global phenomenon (nearly 15000 escape games across the planet) and obtain a fair definition, we need to look East to the country of the rising sun. It is in Japan the story began. About 15 years ago, a certain type of video game was getting famous: the “point&click”. It was so simple that everyone loved it right away: facing a static picture on a computer, the player must click at different places to find elements to combine to solve the main puzzle. 

The real-size rehabilitation of this video game is quickly developing and getting known. Indeed, the buzz is so big that the first live escape game opens in 2009 in Kyoto. Then, it is a tide across the world and 4 years later, the first immersive escape game opens in London and at the end of 2014, The Game Escape If You Can opens its 3 rooms in the heart of Paris. 

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The challenge of an Escape Game is to get out of a room you are locked in less than 60 minutes. But how does a session unfold?

You and your team arrive at the time you chose when you booked online. There is no need to come early, everything is planned on time. You need to project 1:30 hours ahead of you, once you are here, we will take the time to explain what peculiar adventure awaits you! A Game Master will welcome you and dive you into the universe, entrusting you with the most important mission: help him rob a bank, find a treasure, fix a subway, or secure an entire street. From now on, you will jump in the unknown: your mission begins. 

Locked in, your sense of observation and your reflection capacity in addition of your teammates’ qualities will be your assets for get out. The goal is to collect clues by digging carefully and by solving puzzles, finding mechanisms and objects to progress.

You can only count on your team… or nearly! You are not all alone: during the mission, the game master follows you thanks your surveillance cameras, and his role is to give you precious advice to steer you to success!

At The Game, the level of difficulty is the same for all rooms.

Arrival: the briefing 

Before locking you inside the real-size universe room, a “Game Master” is present to guide you from the beginning to the end of the session. His role is, first, to present to scenario in details and give you the main story’s goal, in which you will be yourself playing a character. A question or a characteristic concerning the session? Do not worry, your game master is here to answer during the briefing. 

Ready? Here we go for an hour of fun and action in an immersive environment!  

Throughout the mission: the game

Once you are in the room, the mission starts: you have 60 minutes to complete the task you were given and then set your own escape! At the time you assimilated the room around you, with your teammates help, you will need to cross information, associate founded objects and try not to be invaded in stress nor the events happening during the adventure. Teamwork is essential to break the room’s secrets and move forward, step by step. 

Once arrived at the final step: you will need to escape!


End of mission: the debriefing 

Time is running out, the last second elapsed and then what?

Two possibilities: 


You achieved the mission and escaped of the room in less than 60 minutes. Proud and joyful, you and your team get out triumphantly of the escape room. The game master is here to congratulate you and it is then the occasion to come back, with him, on the best moments you lived during the session.


60 minutes flowed and you are still locked inside the room with your team. Do not panic, the game master comes to open the door, and explain what you missed to achieve the mission. It is the time to exchange with him and ask him the questions you may have. 

Finally, to capture this unique moment you just experienced, the game master will offer to take a picture of you in the escape room where you just lived the adventure. 




Our missions are opened to all. At The Game, we care to always balance the level of digging, reflection, and difficulty of the room. We make sure the level of difficulty is the same in all rooms and is around 50% and 60%. Every room is accessible for all persons who whish to participate (children, adults, seniors etc.). No physical effort will be required. Moreover, no specific outside knowledge is needed to participate, only a bit of imagination and logic and a great team spirit! Most of our missions are adapted to hearing-impaired person. However, because of specific settings, we advise against certain missions for pregnant women: The Metro, The Plane, The Space Mission, The Catacombs, The Haunted Cinema,  The Far West and The Secret Mission. But some missions such as the French Robbery and the Kidnapping are adapted to disabled people.

escape game avion

escape game braquage a la francaise

escape game far west

escape game cinema


It depends on your team! If you are experts and you get out in no time, we must ask for an autograph!

If you wish to enjoy fully the adventure and the room’s universe until the last second: it is also a possibility you have! Take your time to decrypt the room’s puzzles and simply escape before the final gong.

In general, we advise you to anticipate around 1:30 hours for the full experience on site, allowing you to enjoy your game time and the steps of the briefing and debriefing. 


The first advice we could give is that an escape game, is a collective work amongst players. Whatever character you embody being a detective of a Far West adventurer, teamwork is essential for a successful escape. You must communicate with each other. The idea is that all players always have the same level of information. 

Then, you must dig everywhere and get to know every inch of your surroundings. Finally, stay focus on the final goal without being distracted by the stress of the time running out: keep a cold head with your team every minute.



At The Game, you will have the choice between very different rooms. With 12 themes spread over 20 rooms, we offer you to live a unique experience in real-size sets. You can then fix a subway, explore the Catacombs, be a member of the Assassin’s brotherhood, investigate on a disappearance, travel aboard TheGame Airlines or TheGame Airspace, avoid the worst after an earthquake, visit The Far West, watch a horror movie, or simply plan a robbery. There is something for everyone!


20h - France 2

Capital - M6

So, are you ready to attempt the adventure? One thing is for sure: you will remember it!