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The Catacombs

A secret and unknown access. A direct but narrow entry in the Capital undergrounds. Locked into Catacombs, time is playing against you and you are running out of oxygen… You will face numerous tests looking for this old and precious will, forgotten for generations.

Only the best will come out of there… alive!


Inside this stressful and dark mission, your helmets and headlamps are your best allies.

The mission is advised against claustrophobic people because of the winding areas. One thing is certain though, you will stay there to old age.   


THEY LIKE The Catacombs

A great experience!

It's flawless. The riddles are varied and well-balanced, the decor is top-notch and the staff are amazing. I recommend it 100%.

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A fine example of originality!

The oppressive atmosphere of the Parisian catacombs is well captured by The Game. The brand has shown originality in its game mode and riddles.

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A wonderful atmosphere!

A mine atmosphere that becomes more horrifying and savory as you progress. Helmet essential to keep your brains safe. A real setting, a real theme, a real catch.

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An impeccably crafted room, incredible scenery, perfectly logical riddles, an excellent balance between excavation, reflection and manipulation, with a well-crafted adventure twist!

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Only the best will make it out... alive!

Proponents of escape games prefer to warn: "stressful and obscure, the mission "The Catacombs" is somewhat akin to Fort Boyard".

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