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Escape Room - Catacombs

 The Catacombs 

Dark, dangerous, gloomy and captivating. Since they were dug, the Paris catacombs have been fascinating numerous adventurers. Immerse yourself in a journey out of time and discover Paris’ underground world that no one’s seen yet. But is it really wise to venture yourself in a place that remained untouched for decades ?

If you feel like taking the risk, you’ll have to be ready to endorse the consequences.

One thing is certain though: you wouldn’t want to last long there...

Stressful and dark, the mission “Catacombs” looks like Fear Factor. The access is winding and deep and the mission is not for claustrophobic persons.

#Anxiety     #Darkness     #Cooperation

Timer 60 minutes    Picto pregnant woman    Picto wheelchairs users    Picto hearing loss    Picto hard hat compulsory

 Your mission in images 

Escape Room Catacombes Crâne
Escape game mission Catacombes
Escape Room Catacombes Cimetière
Escape Room Catacombes Ossements

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 They like  The Catacombs 


The decoration is perfect, the environnment amazing, we spent a really good time with my friends and I'll go back soon with my family for the Metro mission! I strongly recommand this place!

Notice published  on TripAdvisor in november 2016

We decided to be lost the 4 of us within the Catacombs mission… what a moment! We loved it. We had a great game master (he helps). The decoration is good and the story well tied up. We want to go back.

Notice published  on TripAdvisor in november 2016

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