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The french robbery

The security guards just left their positions. The surveillance cameras are disabled. It is the perfect moment to rob this ultra-secured bank, but you are facing a 2 meters by 2 meters and 200 kilos armored door.

Your only contact is this legendary gangster and he planned it all. If everything goes well, you should be able to share…

Be discreet, police are on edge!


Despite the risk of getting caught by the police, The French Robbery is making a name for itself and attracts teams searching for adrenaline. This very immersive and dense mission will fit for every group. Do you feel up for a French Robbery? 


THEY LIKE The french robbery

Just excellent!

The decor, the atmosphere... Thank you for your welcome and for giving us this wonderful moment! We'll be back, that's for sure!

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It was incredible!

The room is magnificent, the scenario is crazy! We left the room with 20 seconds to go, so we weren't expecting anything. It's a nice change from the usual escape games.

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The Game lives up to its reputation!

The french robbery is a room that can seduce in every way. The search is thorough, the puzzles and manipulation well thought out...

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The Game has set the bar very high.

An adventure that's as popular as ever, with great puzzles and clever twists and turns.

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How about robbing a bank?

The scenery is great, the tension never lets up, and time flies! We won't tell you more, but you should know that we all came out of there alive (maybe handcuffed...), overexcited and delighted.

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