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Escape Room - The french robbery

 The french robbery 

Fresh out of jail, the legendary gangster Max intends to take revenge on the police inspector in charge of his fall. Rumor has it the latter has overwhelming evidences that can send him back behind bars for many years. These documents seem to have been placed in an overprotected sage.

To retrieve these evidences, the No. 1 public enemy Max
wishes to constitute a high-profile team for History’s riskiest heist yet!

Do you feel up for the task?

Despite the risk of being caught by the police, the French Robbery mission continues to attract various teams searching for adrenaline! The mission is known for its immersive aspect and its density fits everyone. One last thing: stay quiet, the police is extremely vigilant…

#Adrenaline     #Logic     #Speed

Tiler 60 minutes    Picto pregnant woman    Picto wheelchairs users    Picto hearing loss    x2 rooms

 Your mission in images 

The Game escape game braquage à la française 1
The Game escape game braquage à la française coffres
The Game escape game braquage à la française billets
The Game escape game braquage à la française

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 They like  The french robbery 

"Good experience!"

The welcoming is nice, the team very pleasing. The decors are so neat and stories very well balanced for the difficulty level. Amazing time!

Notice published  on TripAdvisor in november 2016
"Great moment in a gangster' skin"

We had so much fun with my friends for the French Robbery mission! Very beautiful sceneries, original and surprising enigmas, a lot of suspense and emotions, a must do!

Notice published  on TripAdvisor in november 2016

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