The Cinema

Welcome to The Game Cinema Club!

This old Parisian movie theater displays your movie, and the session is about to start. You hesitate for the popcorn? Don’t wait up, the trailers are about to finish, make yourself comfortable in your seat!

By the way, do you like horror movies?

Lights... Camera… Action!

This mission is advised against… chicken and the youngest of you! Sensitive souls be warned that his adventure can be oppressive! Unless it is what you are looking for…?




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THEY LIKE The Cinema

"Haunted Cinema"

We had a great time playing at the The Game cinema. We were 5 including my 11 and 14 years old children. We were all very scared but we laughed a lot too! The setting is amazing and the story full of twits


Very good experience, very warm welcome allowing us to dive in the story. The scenery is beautiful, the puzzles are smart and the story very consistent. We found no element outside the topic. I enjoyed this Escape Game and I will come back!


The French Robbery

The most famous gangster in town is looking for a strong crew for a robbery. One hour to rob a bank and escape free!

The Casino Heist

The number one public enemy is planning a new robbery! A risky and ambitious challenge for an outstanding team! Would you join the game?

The Kidnapping

Paris, 1959, a young dancer has been kidnapped. The dangerous criminals ask for a ransom forthwith. Would you be the rescue team?

The metro

A train just broke down in the middle of the station. Traffic is dense and an accident is feared anytime. Your team is needed: get this train fixed and avoid the crash!

The Catacombs

Here you are, looking for an old will down into the Catacombs, trapped and time is running out. One thing is certain though, you will stay there to old age.   

The templars' treasure

Centuries ago, The Templars’ Order found a very coveted treasure. Everything will be allowed for your Assassins’ team to find it back… including exploring the past!

The Plane

Your plane is on time and departure is impending. Ready to fly? Don’t be afraid, the plane is the safest way to travel in the world…

The Space Mission

An asteroid is coming straight to Earth. The only way to save the planet is to sacrifice a space station, moving it on the asteroid trajectory.

Launching in 3, 2, 1…

The Earthquake

An earthquake just happened in the Parisian capital. You must secure the perimeter as fast as possible because the worst is yet to come. You will need unfailing motivation!

The Far West

The Gold Rush attracts the greatest adventurers! Your team is leaving for Molly Town, its saloon, its cowboys, and its hostile environment…

The Health Passport is also required for the 12 years old players and older from the 30th of September