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The Haunted Cinema

Welcome to The Game Cinema Club!

This old Parisian movie theater displays your movie, and the session is about to start. You hesitate for the popcorn? Don’t wait up, the trailers are about to finish, make yourself comfortable in your seat!

By the way, do you like horror movies?

Lights... Camera… Action!


This mission is advised against… chicken and the youngest of you! Sensitive souls be warned that his adventure can be oppressive! Unless it is what you are looking for…?


THEY LIKE The Haunted Cinema

Go for it!

The room is great. It's scary but not terrifying. The decor is really nice and well done.

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Great time!

There were 5 of us, including my children aged 11 and 14. We all had a good scare, but a good laugh too. The setting is stunning and the riddles full of twists and turns. Sensitive souls abstain.

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Nothing to complain about!

A horror-movie-style escape in which you're the hero. Superb experience, I loved it!

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The room really seems to be haunted!

To reinforce the immersion already created by the sets, numerous sound and lighting effects bring the space to life.

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You forget you're in an escape game!

Exceptional sets! It's like being in a real movie theater. The subdued atmosphere is magnificently reproduced in the space of a few moments.

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