An Escape Game for 100 persons


You are a team of 100 players and want to play an Escape Game ? Our rooms can welcome teams from 2 to 6 players maximum, therefore, we invite you to book all of our 20 rooms, divided over our 2 locations in Paris. You will therefore reach our maximal capacity.
In this configuration, you need to book our 20 rooms on the same time lot, creating teams of 6 persons maximum. The organisation of the booking will be the following: 
- 66 players in Cardinal Lemoine
- 54 players in Saint Michel
The organisation leader of the event can compose the teams in advance and send them to The Game one our two days before the Escape Game, for an optimal organisation.
All of our missions are open because the level of difficulty is the same everywhere. 
Your 100 players will be locked inside the rooms, fully immersed, and will have one hour to achieve the missions... and escape. 
In this Escape Game in central Paris with movie-like sets, you will have 60 minutes with friends, colleagues or family to solve puzzles, manipulate objects and other mecanismes, discover potential secret passages and achieve your mission. And you will not be alone because a game master will guide you throughout the mission and help you if needed... No specific knowledge is required to participate, only your imagination, a bit of logic and a beautiful team spirit to move forward into the game!

Escape game avion

Escape game banque

escape game far west

escape game cinema

The Game possesses 12 themes in total, spread over 20 rooms in 2 premises in central Paris. If you feel like it, you can face these missions in duo. You will find multiple atmospheres in our Parisian Escape Game, therewith everyone is satisfied. 
You now need to create the perfect teams and make it through the puzzles to get out of the room in less than 60 minutes!