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December 2015 The Game
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The Game : Hpayp Brihtdtya

We celebrate our first anniversary and if you want to send us a picture of you with a candle or just let us a note on our Facebook page, you are more than welcome to do so!


December’s records

Every month, The Game organizes a monthly record event to congratulate the team who did the best time record on each room. It is easy to participate: you just need to come and try to get out in a record time counting every second of every minute! The time record has to stay unbeaten until the last hour of the last day of the month. To do so, you can choose between The French Robbery, The Kidnapping of the Parisian Dancer and The Catacombs.
So today, we celebrate the team “Trio de Choc” who succeeded to get out with the Catacombs treasure in 37 minutes and 26 seconds! Then, “Les Talents” rescued Lise, the young kidnapped Parisian dancer, in 37 minutes and 40 seconds. Thanks to them, Lise’s family was released to celebrate the end of year’s festivities with her. And finally, Max, the famous Parisian outlaw, called the best for a French Robbery as it only lasted 43 minutes and 38 seconds. The Game team congratulates everyone for those performances! Each team will now receive a 25 euros promotional code that can be used for a new mission.

The exceptional event

An unusual team tried to rescue the young Parisian dancer this month. Indeed, they were just 2 and they did not hesitate to go and search for the particular ransom against Lise’s life! But the true purpose of the mission was not to rescue Lise (sorry for the family) but to enjoy the charming 1950’s décor for an exceptional event… a romantic proposal! The 2 lovebirds, emotionally finished the mission on a particularly happy note! We wish them all the best.


December success rates

The December teams were stronger than the time, enigmas and lockers and got excellent success rates on each room! Indeed, 54% of the outlaws’ teams succeeded in breaking into the Game Banking Group’s safe’s door! In the same time, 61% of the 1950’s investigators rescued Lise safe and sound. Finally, 58% of the Catacombs’ adventurers found the forgotten treasure! We are all impressed and we cannot wait for the January teams’ records. The team wish them good luck!

The French Robbery

The Parisian Dancer

The Catacombs